zbyněk baladrán cv

To be framed

full HD video, 8:11, 2016
Commissioned by Sonsbeek 2016


How should we organise our lives? We’ll tell you what we should discuss.

First of all we need acknowledgement. Nobody acknowledges us. We have to be acknowledged, we need to be recognised, it’s not possible not to be heard.

We need to be appropriately represented, and for that we need a translation. A good translation is the first step towards acknowledgement.

We can’t make do with the condescension of others.

We’re invisible, nobody can see us, but we know we’re here.

We know how to translate for ourselves, but other translators have already found us and are trying to translate our innermost feelings themselves.

It’s a violent translation of our lives. And right now we have to live with it.
Everybody says that violence is bad, but we learn from it. We learn not to repeat violence. We are submerged in it, but thanks to it we know how to confront it. We emerge from violence and turn it against itself.

We pretend that we’re children, but that’s just your point of view, all that innocence.
We’re not what you think we are.

Now you’re confused.

We’ve acted out a number of situations for you, because we were asked to. You can learn all kind of things from it. We act as well as we can, we’re also learning from it.

Our translators have picked up a camera and are attempting something.

Watch out, learn about violence.