Approximation of infinite sequences

full HD video, 6:29, 2015

Remarks on work:
A vision of the near future. Documentary description seen from a future position. The near future as the past. Socio-fictional documentary.
The work is based on a number of assumptions. One of them is the conviction that we will not succeed in escaping from certain formulas and patterns in relation to divergence. Elimination is the practice of the present day. Another assumption is that the future is represented by an anthropocentric view of the world. We see our own future deprivation, but more especially technological progress. But that is not our property, it is not our victory, we don’t know where it leads; we are only an active component of the arrow of time and the sequence of events. A different assumption is that the representation of reality is changing fundamentally. The infinite growth of data and documentation is creating a new mycelium of consciousness. That is connected to the last assumption with a double question mark. Is it possible to abolish such an infinite number of signifieds? To break through the aimless infinity of language?
Loosely based on motifs of the novel “Eden” by Stanisław Lem, a native of Lviv, who describes in his book the crash-landing of an exploration spaceship on a strange planet on which the astronauts are incapable of grasping anything at all. The inability to assess the social structure of the discovered society or evaluate the degree of civilized development and technological advancement of the alien creatures leads to serious errors by the crew and inadvertent moral failures. I was interested in this moment in which universalism, exposed to the radically different, disintegrates, proving itself an insufficient universalist concept.
Imagination of work with historical documents. Archaeology of the future.
The documents, drawings and photographs used in the video originated from various open sources and served as a basis for reshaping and reassembly…


Subject line: Letter
I am not standing face to face with anyone and neither are we meeting in time. No matter, the letter is sufficient, whatever the letter might mean.  It is not a matter of anything static, everything is always in process. And that is my position. This is probably me. Not necessarily a person. A temporary  identity. Identity as a process. There are many documents; their authenticity may be doubted. What to do with them?
Subject line: Description
Following an attack on the crew of the platform, security shot and then cremated an attacker who illegally mounted the working platform. According to the internal directives of the company, anyone who attempts to cross the properly marked boundary is eliminated. In the event of an unfortunate fatality, the corpse is then properly cremated with all dignity in the waste incinerator located in the lower part of the platform – naturally after a proper autopsy has been conducted by trained expert staff, or, if that is not possible, by an agent thereof.
Subject line: Testimony
According to the workers on duty, they caught sight of an intruder standing on nearby high ground, apparently illegally observing the drilling rig. They attempted to chase the intruder away by shouting. He did not react and slowly approached the security boundary of the working area. The intruder activated the security system, which alerted the security guards. The Deputy Chief, who at that time was on duty, attempted to drive the intruder away by means of an appropriate verbal warning. After the intruder had crossed the outer security perimeter, the Deputy fired several shots under his feet. The intruder hesitated and looked as if he were about to jump. The Deputy Chief was left with no choice but to take the intruder down with a few well-aimed shots. The Deputy Chief conducted the examination of the eliminated intruder himself. The witnesses were two labourers on the working platform, names illegible.
Subject line: Internal Autopsy ProtocolIn view of the fact that the doctor assigned to the platform was not yet on duty, the autopsy was conducted by a trained medic, a drilling technician, illegible.
The improvised autopsy was expedited when the corpse began to smell. When contacted, the management recommended contacting the PR department for relations with non-internal, illegible
Subject line: Autopsy reportHere is a detailed description. There are organs whose function I have no idea about. There is a spinal cord, but in the skull. There is no brain in the small skull. That is… there is something there, but any anatomist would call me an amateur if I tried to tell him it was a brain… Glands of some kind, but some kind of absorptive ones – and between the lobes of the lungs, that is, it has – three lungs – probably. Something I didn’t like the look of. I put it in an alcohol bath. I still have it. The smell is not unpleasant, but such a pile of flesh…Illegible
Subject line: Internal handbook. Work procedure, decomposition of biological material.
The biggest problem with biological material is storage. Biological material demands a combination of technological resources, energy and trained specialists. It is also necessary to ensure work safety when handling it and safeguarding of the technological complex against contamination from outside. All facilities must be maintained in a state of antiseptic cleanliness and a certain low working temperature due to the degradation of organic material.  Illegible
Subject line: Setting of traps. Illegible . Suggested procedure in the case of other potential intruders. Illegible. Regulation for leaving the protected area:Recommended procedure upon contact with anyone or anything not displaying any similarity to officially authorized entities. /for the official list and explanation of unauthorized entities see Paragraph VIII, Section 234 of the Official Recommendations/Illegible
Subject line: Report: My query and proposal are as follows:Illegible, signature smeared