Exercises 1-8

cca 3x3m, paper, bw print, clips, 2013


A simple exercise:
Let’s pretend we’re dead, that our ego has evaporated and does not have the self-awareness it makes use as a component of the living being. Don’t imagine the soul, but just yourself as some sort of weird, assembled entity moving around the world, moving, eating, drinking and excreting. Imagine how various feelings come to you. Imagine that you act according to those feelings, that you have an irresistible compulsion to act according to them. For example, you like other corpses or, on the contrary, you don’t like other corpses. Imagine that you sleep with some of these corpses. Some of you will have the ability to give birth to other corpses. Imagine that you will live like that for a long time; actually, you are not living, but it still lasts a long time. Imagine that this alienation lasts a long time.

Another exercise:
Sit on a chair staring into space. Think about everything you wanted to do. Then get up and gradually do what you had planned. Do the opposite, though. You wanted to wash the dishes, so go and do the exact opposite. Don’t wash the dishes. Anyone who is a bit more creative can break the dishes. You were supposed to meet a friend afterwards. Don’t go to the meeting. Some of you can call him up and start swearing at him, then he will certainly cancel the meeting. Carry on in like manner all day. At the end of the day, sit down on the chair and stare into space again. If you are tired, don’t go to sleep. In the morning start again.

Another exercise:
Smoke comes out of your mouth,
a cloud,
a sticky hand
touches the rectum,
finger slides inside,
arousing it is not,
what else do people do
to themselves with joy?


Fourth Exercise


Recently I considered a lobotomy.

There have been 35,000 lobotomies performed already.

It’s easier than psychiatric drugs and permanent.

Let’s not be so critical.


Fifth Exercise

Each system is composed of components.

The system in which we live is composed of components of voluntary subordination.


Bend over.

Don’t be a pain in the ass.

Don’t talk.


Sixth Exercise

What are your work tools?

My work tools are:

Canon G1X

Canon LBP 2900




CorelDRAW X3







Honour and glory to reality,

Long live commercial goods!!


Seventh Exercise

It’s hard to write.

A point somewhere between the eyes has to be found,

a little in front,

about 25 centimetres over the head.

That’s what writes.

That’s why I wouldn’t worry about authorship.

Once that point was there,

about a centimetre under the skin in the top of the skull.

Maybe it’s a matter of practice,

I’d like to have that point at the tip of my forefinger.

Whatever I point to will be what I write:

a lamp, scissors, reflection on a CD, a crossed-out sentence

Yes, I’ve already done the shopping.

Repeat it.


Eighth Exercise

I’ll copy all the literature that I find interesting.

I’ll take, for instance, a poem by Kyong Ho Seons,

and copy it from memory. Then it will be mine.

Seons and Gruberová (the translator) can fuck right off:

I’m drawing an infinitely long line on an empty paper; dawn arrives even before I finish it.

Follow me.