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Am I blind?
metal bar, print on paper, 2mx0,30m

The long-ago death of a fly

( a methodology for writing I.)
3’16”, HDV, 2010


It was an exceptionally ugly fly… a bit like a bluebottle, but wilder looking.  It had more spiky hairs and instead of shimmering iridescent colors it was an earthly gray.  It arrived suddenly amid the late glow of a summer evening and landed on the cover of Impressions of Africa by Raymond Roussel.  I shooed it away with a clumsy hand but it landed on the book again, this time on the picture of the author.  Its proboscis tapped upon his white hat for a while, then it moved on with neurotic insect fervor to his ridiculous moustache.  Stamping it with three quick  blows, the fly then bent its legs and flew down from the book to a small puddle of water a few centimeters away which had been spilled on the smooth laminated table.  Tiny distorted reflections of the surrounding trees were visible in the beads of water.  Inserting its proboscis into a dome of liquid, the fly began to drink. 

I stop writing.

In twelve hours I resume writing – let us return to the fly.

It drank, flew upwards and then descended once again, this time on the other side of puddle.  Rays of sun filtered through the lenses of plastic bottles, bathing the scene in an unreal, ethereal light.  The dark body of the fly was starkly visible, awash in the plastic miracle.  The fly began to bathe.  It planted its rear legs firmly on the table surface and plunged its bristly forelegs deep into the water droplet.

Once again I stop writing.

A few weeks later I return to the fly.  It’s still here.

It is waiting patiently on a teaspoon and watching me.