zbyněk baladrán cv

Minus ten anarcho-communist minutes

full HD video, 6:22, 2012
paper installation, 2013


Am I here alone?

Where are the others?

Are they friends?

Can we arrange it?

Do the others know that I’m here?

Can I help?

Can we help each other?

Will someone help me?

Where can I get some food?

Where will I sleep?

Are you scared?

Can we stay together?

Nobody will impede me?

I won’t impede anyone?

Is somebody ill?

Should I take care of you?

How can I lessen your pain?

What do you wish for?

What do you desire?

Everything is complicated. Can we simplify it?

Can we be together without God?

Are we alone?

Can you please talk?

What do you think?

What does he/she think?

How will we live with a lunatic?

Will we kill him/her?

Does he/she want to kill us?

Is it a reason to kill?

What about the other creatures?

What about the environment?

Are you cold?

Are you hungry?

Are you dying?

Was he/she born?

Are you educated?

Will you share?

Do other worlds exist?

Are the stars connected to our lives?

Does it hurt?

Do you love me?

Do you want to have children?

Will we tolerate it?

What good is anything?

Does it threaten you?

Will we proceed together?

Are you different?

Am I different?

What are you able to do?

Shall we make something together?

Can everyone work?

Are we?

Was there something before?

Will there be something after?

Is it important?

Will we have a talk?

Why do you think that?

You don’t agree? Do you not agree?

Does it matter?

Are you lazy?

What do you like?

Will we think of those who came before us?

Will we think of those who will come after us?

How can we live together?

Will we be happy?

We won’t hurt each other? Are we free?

Can we break free?